Behaviour and Design

20th June 2019

About us

The World's First Behaviour & Design Conference

The BAD Conference pulls together some of the world’s leading UX Psychologists and Researchers to talk about implementation of Behavioural Design into User Research and Design. Our ambition is to create a dialogue within the User Experience community about Psychology, making the human the centre of the design process.


BAD will pull together 450 of the world’s most senior UX Researchers & Designers, all working directly on creating the user experiences of products. Geared towards UX Researchers and Designers, this conference will offer awesome networking opportunities for all attendees!


Following the successful blueprint of other Tech Circus conferences - The BAD Conference's flagship event will be a big one. We will be showcasing the behavioural designs and methodologies implemented to develop the type of products that we use every day from the likes of Youtube and Facebook.


This conference is tailored for those working as Researches and Designers within user experience teams. No matter the size, if you are interested in understanding how to implement psychology into your user research and design, we want to see you along. It’s as simple as that!


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Dr. David Travis

User Experience Strategist

Prof. Karen Cham

Professor - University of Brighton

Dr. Robert Youmans

UX Manager - Youtube


User Researchers UX Designers Product Designer UX Psychologist UX Consultant UI Designer Front End Developer Experience Designers Product Manager Research Manager Head of User Research Head of Experience Design Head of User Strategy Head of Design Head of Product Design Head of Product Head of Innovation

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From event launch, we are now accepting sponsorship to ensure that we can make this event a huge success. Partner with us to have your company tied to one of the biggest design networking events happening this year!
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